Title and Abstract

The investigation of the effect on the concentrations of different cleaning agents that can effectively kill bacteria.
Bacteria is around us. Some good, some damaging to us. Yet, even the place that has the most ‘pristine’ cleanliness may still have bacteria hanging around. To make sure that the bacteria count is lowered, hospitals normally spend hundreds of dollars on their cleaning products, but is it really worth it? In order to help hospitals have a more cost effective way to kill bacteria in the hospital compound, we are finding the specific concentration that can kill the most number of bacteria in the most cost effective method. Until we had done our experiment, we did not know which cleaning agent and its concentration is the best for killing bacteria in the hospital compound. We used Dettol, Clorox, FloorShine, EC Oticide and Glutasept LA with the concentrations of Standard Dilution, 10-1and 10-2concentrations. We had originally thought that EC Oticide would be able to kill the most bacteria in the standardized concentration as it was the most costly of all the the cleaning agents that we were testing on. However, our results had came unexpected with the EC Oticide cleaning agent in the concentration of 10-1 only best for eradicating the B. Subtilis bacteria compared to its normal standard concentration and Dettol killing the most amount of E. Coli bacteria with the concentration of 10-1.   

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